Did the lockdown compel you to order things online, but now you don’t have the space to store them?

Don’t stress; you’re not alone! You can have a garage sale to find a new owner for these items and make some cash on the side!

Host a garage sale during a pandemic? Yes, you heard us right!

We have created the perfect how-to guide to help you host a successful garage sale while maintaining the appropriate SOPs.

Secure a Garage Sale Permit

Before you begin to publicize your garage sale, make sure to secure a permit from the local authorities. Some cities require that citizens acquire a ‘garage sale permit’ before hosting large gatherings of people. And it becomes all the more necessary during a pandemic.

Head to your local city hall and ask the authorities if you’ll need a permit. Show them a comprehensive plan of how you’ll ensure that all the required SOPs are correctly followed.

Signboard for SOPs

Now that you’ve acquired the permit, it’s time to start publicizing your event. It’s essential that you mention your garage sale date and list the SOPs that’ll need to be followed.

Want visitors to maintain social distancing? Mention it. Don’t want visitors to take off their face masks at any given time? Make it a pre-requisite on your signboard.

Listing all the necessary SOPs beforehand will ensure that visitors follow it to the T.

Sanitize your Sale Items

Putting a price tag on your sale items isn’t the only thing you’ll have to do; you’ll need to spray some disinfectant on it too. Since tens of visitors will touch these items, you’d want to make sure that everything is properly sanitized from time to time.

Purchase a large spray bottle or two and fill them up with a good quality sanitizer or disinfectant solution. Use these spray bottles to sanitize any and everything.

Set up a Hand Sanitizing Station

Visitors would thank you if you’d set up a hand sanitizing station in your garage sale. Having at least two hand sanitizing stations would ensure that the visitors and even your household members can clean their hands frequently.

Go Cashless

Ask your buyers to make payments through an online app. Using a cashless approach to your garage sale will ensure that the spread of germs is kept to a minimum.

Hundreds of people touch these dollar bills, and you don’t want to take any risks. Going cashless will allow you to host a safe garage sale.

Maintain a Safe Distance

Make sure that you display all of your sale items in a way that allows visitors to maintain a safe distance.

Ensure that your garage door is functioning to its full potential and allowing you to accommodate your sale items and the visitors. Getting your garage door repaired in time will ensure that your garage sale proceeds smoothly.

garage door repair

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