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A house is only as strong as the gate protecting it. Be it a metal gate or a wooden one, a gate functions as your first line of defense in case of robberies. However, much like all aspects of a defense strategy, a gate needs to be in top condition to serve its purpose.

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But no matter the type of material used for the gate, over time, its sturdy nature gets affected due to wear and tear or environmental factors, such as harsh weather conditions like heavy rain, hail or snow. Once the rust appears, it’s only a matter of time that your first line of defense is compromised.
Don’t wait for strong winds to blow away a gate that’s already clinging to the rails for dear life! Get in touch with a gate repair service for better protection.
Whether you have a gate that’s not closing, a latch that has come undone, or a gate that’s falling off its rails, the gate repair services offered by Easy Fix Garage and Gate Service Inc can save you from spending a lot of money on replacing old and broken gates.
Based in Nashville, we offer gate repair service to several cities in Tennessee. Whether it’s a mere welding repair or a full gate restoration for your electric gate, we do a stellar gate repair job. Our gate repair services include wheel replacements, repairing the hinges of a swing gate, fixing the track of the sliding gate, as well as adjusting the position of the gate. Whether it’s a gate on your commercial property or a residential one, if there’s a broken gate, we have the expertise and the right tools to repair it!
In addition to that, our services include repairing electric gates. We know the hassle of getting out of your car to open a broken electric gate every time you step in or out of your home. We also understand the security threats a faulty electric gate can pose at commercial properties where physical access is restricted to authorized personnel for security purposes. To put an end to your troubles once and for all, and to provide a solution for your security concerns, our gate repair experts can repair your electric gate by quickly taking care of the faulty electric gate operator.
Get in touch with one of the leading gate and garage repair services in Tennessee and get a free quote for any problems with your gate. From gate installation, repair, or inspection, our gate repair experts can be at your beck and call 24/7, so you never have to worry about the safety of your residential or commercial property.
Hire our affordable services by getting in touch with us at +1 6155608948