According to the Metropolitan Government of Nashville, absolutely no neighborhood or house in the city is safe from burglaries. However, these alarming facts don’t mean that investing in security is pointless; in fact, they underscore the need for sophisticated security measures to keep your property and belongings safe.

This is especially true if you’re not at home for an extended period. One way to guarantee the safety of your home while you’re away is by installing an automated gate at the entrance. Here’s why this is a viable idea:

Guaranteed privacy

Burglars aren’t the only unscrupulous actors you need to be wary of while you’re gone. There are tons of people who can’t resist the temptation of an empty house—from wayward kids to nosey neighbors.

With an automated gate, you can ensure that your personal matters remain personal. If you’re going on vacation, just set the gate to stay shut.

In your absence, this will ensure the safety of your home’s landscaping and interior, as well as your belongings.

More effective than security lights

Nothing invites burglars and trespassers in like an empty house. Even if you’ve installed security lights on your premises, just some cursory research will tell them that no one’s home.

Plus, leaving the lights on also means high electricity bills. Automated gates are much more effective and cost-efficient as a result.

Speaking of cost-efficiency, you might even get a discount from your insurance company for the added protection you invested in. Security lights, on the other hand, won’t help you qualify for any benefit.

Safeguard your driveway

Looking beyond burglars, it’s also important to keep unauthorized cars off your driveway while you’re away on vacation. With a low security manual gate, nothing will stop people in the neighborhood with limited parking space from helping themselves to it.

This is a clear violation of your private space. What’s worse, they may even cause some damage as they park.

With an automated gate, you can keep your driveway clear, safe, and clutter-free in your absence. You can even fit it out with a keypad to give caretakers and other people you trust access while you’re gone.


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