Your garage door tracks are crucial for safe, dependable, and efficient operation. If the tracks are not in place, it can affect the garage door’s structural integrity. It can damage the hardware and materials, calling for expensive repairs.

The tracks are pieces of metal attached on either side of the garage door. They reinforce the movement of your garage doors and ensure smooth gliding over a set of rollers that glide in the tracks. Misaligned or distorted tracks can impede the movement of the rollers and prevent seamless operation. This can translate into security concerns if you’re unable to close your garage doors and must leave the entrance unattended.

Here’s what you can do if this happens.

How to Check for Alignment of Garage Door Tracks

Before you pick your phone to call garage door professionals, do some homework on your own. To determine whether the problem is with the tracks or not, check for unusual movement or noise. If so, it could be a case of misaligned tracks.

A few common reasons for misalignment include damage to the hardware by force, in case of storms or accidents. This can dislodge the panels from the track and make the door scratch against the molding. The door can become off-balanced or go off-track, as a result. This is a security risk and a threat to the safety of your family and property.

damaged garage door before and after repair

How To Fix Misaligned Garage Doors

Binding Garage Doors

In some cases, the garage door becomes impossible to move due to misalignment. This is called binding garage doors. Professionals need to loosen the screens to readjust the tracks according to the door frame and hammer them into their proper place using a rubber mallet. Once the tracks are straight, the screws are refastened.

Gapping or Rubbing

Misalignment often causes a gap to appear between the frame of the door and the molding. Technicians can fix this by loosening the tracks and moving them to eliminate the gap. Ideally, there should only be a ¼-inch space between the frame and the garage door. Once the tracks are in place, the professionals can tighten the screws again.

Off-balance Doors

The torsion spring, cable, or quality of hardware may be to blame if the garage door seems off-balance. Unless any part is damaged, fixing the misalignment will require a replacement with better quality materials. If it’s only due to damaged parts, those can be repaired or replaced for better functioning.

In any case, it’s best to let a professional garage door expert inspect the problem and take the appropriate measures. Living with faulty garage doors is not worth the risk; you’d be putting your family at risk by allowing an unguarded entrance for intruders into the main house. Get it repaired ASAP.

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Consult our technicians if you ever run into a problem with your garage doors. If you get a new installation from us, we guarantee that you won’t have to call us soon again because our materials and service are long-lasting and reliable.

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