Garages are made for cars but they also serve several other purposes and the most common is storage. Garages are considered to be optimal as storage spaces but it’s important to keep in mind that not all things can be stored in the garage. Make sure you carefully look through each item before deciding to store it in the garage; it might end up damaged or cause safety issues for you.

If you want to know how to make the best use of your garage, read on to find out what you can and cannot store in your garage.

What you can store

Items related to your car

Garages are essentially made for cars and if you do own one, then it’s most suitable for you to store your car supplies in the garage. Car supplies may include spare tires, spare parts, tire inflators, oil/ lubricants, among other things. Items that you tend to use often, such as camping gear can also be stored in the garage.

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Gardening items and tools

Garages are the ultimate option to store your tools and equipment. Gardening tools that are best suited for the garage include: lawnmowers, shovels and pots. In addition, items such as bags of fertilizers, soil, and other bulk packaged items can also be stored in a garage.

Outdoor entertainment

Items that are used for outdoor activities are ideally stored in the garage since it is convenient to access them when needed. Children’s toys, pool essentials, bicycles and barbeque items are a few things that may be stored in the garage.

What you cannot store

Risky items

Due to fluctuating temperatures, it is essential to keep hazardous and inflammable items and materials out of the garage. Propane and gasoline tanks are highly flammable which may put your life at risk. Make sure to store such materials away from ignition sources, as well as from your children and pets.

Items that draw the attention of insects/vermin

It is inevitable to keep insects and vermin out of your garage if you have stored items that will attract them. Items that you must avoid storing in the garage include: firewood, paper, books, magazines, beddings, clothes, and most importantly food items – not even pet food. These are items that will invite insects into the garage.

Avoid storing delicate and valuable items

Garage spaces can be highly humid. Avoid storing expensive items like furniture and electronics in garage spaces. If you do end up using it for storage, consider checking up on the items frequently to identify signs of damage.

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