Access control allows commercial owners to limit accessibility hours or restrict unauthorized personnel from entering a building. This is a modern innovation for better security applied to office entrances, garages, warehouses, and even specific building sections.

Access control security systems secure confidential data or valuable assets and check on people who are allowed to enter. Roughly 2.5 million burglaries happen in a year, and 34% are in commercial buildings—compared to the rest of the country, crime rates in Tennessee are significantly above the national average. Out of all the cities in the state, Brentwood is the safest with a crime rate of 10.07 per 1000. Hendersonville ranks 8th in the list with a crime rate of 17.57.

Data collected between January till March shows that while residential crimes have dipped, break-ins in convenience stores, liquor stores, and department stores have gone up. This is a sharp reminder for businesses to tighten security on their premises. And access control systems are an excellent security aid.

Risk Of Lost Keys

Even though locks and keys have long been the holy grail of security systems, they’re becoming obsolete in the modern crime-ridden world. Recall the number of times you’ve lost keys to your main door, warehouse, or office?

Keys don’t always vanish in thin air; they can be purposefully removed from your pockets to land in the wrong hands—that’s how most break-ins in commercial spaces work. But access control systems are eradicating this problem by limiting the accessibility through other, more secure means. Only those with the authorization material can enter, and that too within safe hours.

Keep Check On Entrances And Exits

Have you noticed how your things look differently arranged when you walk into your office on a Monday? The chances are that someone has been in there in your absence. You can never know who entered and exited unless you have an excellent security camera surveillance (sometimes not even then). Access control systems log in every entry and exit round the clock, along with the exact time in hours, minutes, and seconds when they set foot on restricted property.

Check Unauthorized Visitors

In large organizations, it’s unlikely that employees from different departments will know or recognize one another. This increases the risk of unauthorized personnel entering the premises without check. Such instances can result in data theft or breach of security—access control systems can store the entire workforce’s identity data and make sure no unauthorized persons slip in.

Reduce Chaos

Apart from security threats, it can get chaotic to record when each employee clocks in and clocks out—this happens most during multi-shift hours. Access control systems can document times even during the busiest of days. You get accurate data without the inaccuracies of manual bookkeeping.

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