Your garage door is built to withstand the elements of nature and pressure. Wind damage and other factors can cause serious damage over time!

If you’re keen about the upkeep of your garage, you must be concerned about ensuring the gates are in good condition. It’s best to get your doors inspected for damage because it can compromise the security of your home as well.

You don’t want to welcome intruders in your house. So it’s best to be prompt with the repair routine and reach out to us, if you’re in Nashville.

Screeching sounds while opening

Have you ever pressed your palms to your ears when the gate makes a terrible screeching sound while opening? This is not only inconvenient but can also wake your neighbors up if you’re opening the garage door late at night. This is one of the most commonly reported problems with garage doors. Over time, the doors get gummed up because the system needs maintenance.

This results from a lack of oiling of the cables, rollers, chains, motor, tracks and springs. If these parts are lubricated properly, the door doesn’t experience excessive friction while turning. This is why regular garage door maintenance is important.

broken 1845592 960 720Getting stuck frequently

Does your garage gate freeze mid-movement? This can give you a minor heart attack when the door gets stuck mid-way and you’re getting late for work! But sometimes it does budge after a kick or a push. While these DIY fixes may work sometimes, they’re not a permanent solution to the problem—and they’re definitely not safe!

The bolts, screws and other components can get loose over time and might need tightening. This can greatly affect the functionality of your garage doors. But while you’re investing in garage door repairs, you might as well consider switching to an automated system. It’ll save you a lot of manual labor that goes into bringing the gate back into place.

Kinked, worn out or unwound cables

If you’ve had the same garage doors for years, the cables must’ve kinked or frayed by now. It’s crucial for cables to be in prime condition in order for the gate to function properly. However, over time, factors like friction, moisture and temperature can affect the condition of these cables.

This can affect the movement of your doors and make opening and closing a hassle! If you’re experiencing such problems, it’s best to call us for an on-site inspection.

We offer top-quality garage door repairs in Nashville. Be it cable or spring repairs, we can help with anything related to garage doors!

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