People usually opt for automatic garage doors because of the safety, security, and convenience they provide.
In cases of bad weather, when you have to leave your children at home during an emergency, or when you’re in a hurry, an automatic garage door comes in handy, saving you a lot of time.
However, these garage doors do have their downsides, especially if you’re not in the know. One of these limitations is power outages, which can leave you with a door that refuses to budge.
And with Nashville experiencing unexplained power outages from time to time, this is a major problem.
In instances like this, here’s what you should do.

Trip the Trigger

Most people don’t know that most automatic doors come with a handy mechanism that consists of a bypass switch for situations like this.
A lot of garage door openers have a rope and a handle attached on the other end—usually red in color.
Pulling on this rope will set the door to manual mode and disengage the trolley from the attachment point.
However, one thing to keep in mind when you’re doing this is to make sure that the door is all the way down and needs to be pulled up. If you pull the string while the door is still up, it could come crashing down, cause injuries or damage.
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Make Sure You Keep it in Manual Mode

The trolley is connected to the red rope via a spring attachment. This means that if the power outage is serious, and the power won’t be back for a long time, it’s better to keep the door in manual mode to make sure you or your car don’t get trapped.
When you have to repeatedly open and close your garage door, make sure you pull the rope toward the motor—which is usually at the back of the garage—to keep it from getting caught in the tracks.

Reattach The Door As Soon As the Power Comes Back

So what do you do to exit manual mode when the power finally comes back on?
To re-engage the trolley, just pull down on the rope near the opening of the garage, making sure to keep the lever out of the way.
Keep pulling up on it and you’ll eventually hear a snap. That means it is successfully back in automatic mode.
Another way to get back into auto mode is via the remote control. Simply grab your company manual and follow the instructions and you should be good.
In case none of this works on your garage door if you’re in Nashville, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. We also offer installation, repair, and maintenance services to Nashville residents.
Our services include gate repair, access control of gates, and garage door welding in Nashville and nearby areas.

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