Garage doors in American households are used over 1500 times per annum, and they can last as long as up to 20 years with proper maintenance. During this period, garage doors keep are exposed to extreme weather conditions and other external factors that cause them to get damaged. Though most of these damages can be fixed with minor repairs if detected on time, others may require replacement.

In this blog, we’ve listed down some common garage door problems that can be repaired.

A Faulty Garage Door Opener

If your door opens again after closing halfway, there may be a problem with the garage door’s reverse safety mechanism. First, check if both sensors on either side of the door are placed correctly or not. Fix their alignment if they’re not. If the problem persists, the wiring that connects the safety mechanism and the opener may have been damaged. In this case, call your garage door technicians immediately.

Noisy Operation

Does your garage door make squeaking or rattling noises while opening or closing? It could be a sign of damaged tracks or malfunctioning rollers. Often the rollers fail to glide smoothly on the tracks because they’re rust of the track is clogged with dust and debris. Cleaning with a damp cloth, drying, and lubricating the parts should fix this problem. If it doesn’t, there may be cracks or other damage on the rollers and tracks requiring professional repair.

Slow Operations

Garage Door Spring Repair

If your door takes a lifetime to open and close, a faulty spring system may be the culprit. When one or more springs are damaged or lost their tension, they can no longer offer support to the door. As a result, the garage door opener has to work harder to lift the door that causes it to slow down.

Check the condition of your springs, disconnect the safety release wire and manually open the garage door. Average residential garage doors weight up to 10 pounds, and you should be easy to push it open if the springs are still supporting the door. If the door doesn’t lift with one hand, it means your springs need repair.

If you suspect your springs aren’t working correctly, we suggest calling a garage door technician for inspection of the problem. Garage doors are heavy, and compromised springs can lead to severe injuries. The technician will tell you whether the springs need replacement or repair, based on their condition.

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