Electric gates are the preferred choice by homeowners due to the added security they provide. For many, these doors have now become a necessity and are just as important as any other electric device in their homes.

Regular maintenance diagnoses any issues in the system early on and fixes them, reducing the expenditure and damage done.

Here are some common problems that tend to arise with electric gates:

Engine malfunctions

The mechanism that operates electric gates is one of its weak points, contrary to popular belief. The problem of activating an electric gate originates in the electrical engine. The engine of this system tends to have a life of 10 years, after which it begins to malfunction and requiresrepairs more frequently.

Make sure a professional is dealing with the issue and one who is familiar with that particular model. Old engines would need a replacement, however.

Vermin and insects

Wherever there are trees and grass, there are bound to be insects and vermin.Garden lizards, ants, and other bugs might often cause problems for the doors, preventing them from opening and closing smoothly. These insects prefer hiding in warm places, making the photo safety sensors and control boxes the ideal places for them to take shelter.

Make sure you’re checking these areas of your electric gate system regularly to ensure no insects have taken shelter in the electric gate. Use a soft dry cloth to remove any dirt and small insects from the control boxes.

Issues with the tracks

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Electric and automatic gates are the most popularly used gates for commercial as well as residential properties. The tracks of these gates need to be free of obstructions for smooth functioning. Sticks, twigs, stones, pebbles, and leaves can settle on the tracks and cause the gates to stick. A simple solution to this problem is to use a garden broom on the tracks to keep it free from such obstructions.

Access control malfunctions

If your electric gate isn’t opening or closing properly, there’s probably a glitch in the command board. The gates might not open all the way or close all the way. The access controls might not work entirely, which means itrequires the expertise of a professional. The existing board might be repaired, however, in cases of excess damage; a new board must be installed.

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