Most homes in the United States have garages with automatic doors. While a garage is an excellent addition to any home, adds value to the property, and keeps the vehicle secure, it is also a common weak point in your home’s security.

An open or a damaged garage door is a potential entry point for burglars, thieves, and other people with criminal intent. A home is broken into every 18 seconds in the United States at a rate of 4,800 households each day!

Having a good garage door and keeping it in good shape reduces the risk of robberies. A common way to find out if there is anything wrong with the garage door is to listen for any odd or loud noises when the door is opened or closed.

Common Types of Noises the Garage Door Makes

Most garage doors make some type of noise when they are operated. However, certain noises might indicate a deeper issue with the door. If you hear a loud ticking noise when rolling the garage door—this could indicate the bearings or rollers have worn away.

A grating noise is usually caused by bent, damaged, or out-of-shape spring coils that are knocking against each other. A clinking sound might be due to rust buildup within the extension spring system. A loud banging or squealing noise is usually an indicator of misaligned tracks, defective panels, or an out-of-balance garage door.

Tips for Fixing Your Noisy Garage Door

Once you’ve identified the cause for the noise, it’s important to get it fixed immediately to ensure the security of your home and vehicle. Here are some tips to help fix common garage door issues:

fixing noisy garage door

Tighten All Parts

Usually, garage door noises are caused by loose or rusty parts around the tracks such as the spring coils, chains, pivot points, and hinges. The first thing you should do is take a socket wrench and make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight. You must do this every few months to keep your garage door in top shape and identify possible issues with the structure before the damage becomes extensive.

Keep It Lubricated

The next step is to make sure everything is well lubricated. It’s essential not to use products such as oil or grease. Instead, you should use quality garage door lubricant to increase the lifespan of its components. Lubricate all parts such as hinges, roller bearings, and the tracks. Make sure you don’t attract unwanted residue or dirt while you are lubricating the garage door.

Get Professional Help!

If your garage door is still making noise after lubricating all the parts and tightened all the nuts and bolts, it might indicate an out-of-balance door or a damaged component. The best thing to do in this situation is to get professional help form experienced garage door specialists. They can easily identify the cause of the noise and perform repairs without affecting the integrity and structure of the garage door.

Get in Touch with a Reliable Garage Door Repair Service!

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