When it comes to garage doors or your garage door, aesthetics are the primary factors most people consider. The details they’re looking for are often limited to coat and color.

You should, instead, be looking for a bevy of things that help determine the quality of the said door. Such as. . .


Ensuring energy efficiency is one way of reducing your electricity bill. Garage doors are a major contributor to the loss of electricity. Insulated doors, however, help prevent this problem. They create a barrier—a buffer of sorts between the temperature outside and the inside. Additionally, insulated doors also dampen the sound inside the garage.

If you live in a noisy neighborhood and long for the peaceful, this is quite the investment for you.


As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t buy anything without checking the warranty. Limited warranties are still good, as long as the seller is giving you some assurance of looking into the matter even after some time has passed.

red garage door

However, do bear in mind that different kinds of garage doors have different kinds of warranties. It all depends on the kind of material used in these garage doors. Steel garage doors, for instance, will have limited warranties against rusting.


A garage door’s mechanism relies largely on cables and springs that need to be high-quality. These springs get tightly wound up when the door is closed. As the door opens, the springs unwind, generating the force which opens the door.

If the springs in your garage door of choice are hidden inside a steel tube, you can assume it’s a quality door. These springs are high-tension spring—which means that they can easily break if left exposed. They need to remain enclosed.

Safety Measures

A garage door is only as good as its safety measures. You might not realize how big of a hazard garage doors can be—if they lack the right safety adjustments. And no, those laser sights on the bottom of the door aren’t their greatest safety features—although most people seem to believe so.

You’re looking for something that has pinch resistance, particularly if you have children. Pinch resistance helps push fingers out of the way as it closes—and children are susceptible to getting their fingers pinched under garage doors quite often. In fact, garage doors pose such a great potential risk that they even have a garage door safety month: June.

Get safety bottom brackets as well, preferably the tamper-resistant variety. These come in handy during repairs.

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