Does your garage door make “screeching” sounds in winter? Cold weather could give your garage doors a tough time.

Undoubtedly, your garage is the safest place for your car during the winter, but it’s essential to prepare your garage door beforehand so that it can do its job and withstand the winter’s harshness.

Here are some useful tips for garage door maintenance for the winter season.

Proper Lubrication

Very often, garage doors create unusual sounds in winter on movement. It’s because of the wear and tear of the metal parts of the door. Try spraying a lubricant solution to ensure its smooth movement. Lubricate your garage door’s slides, hinges, springs, rollers, and busting properly.

If you still notice stiff movement, talk to the experts.

Repair or Replace Weather-strip

There’s a weatherstrip at the bottom of a garage door. Inspect it for cracks or other scratches. The weatherstrip openings allow the moisture to seep inside the gates, causing them to lose their efficiency. Get your garage’s weatherstrip repaired or replaced if it has broken completely.

Dusting and Cleaning

With time, debris and mildew accumulate on the exterior garage door, sides, and garage windows. Make sure you clean them with a disinfectant solution for protection against rust damage and mold corrosion.

Also, check for the functionality of garage windows. If they’re dirty, clean them, and if they’re damaged or chipped, replace them with new ones. Windows protects best from chilly winds, so always get them working right.

Check for Automatic Door Batteries

If your garage door is an automatic one, make sure you keep its remote or keypad in a secure, warm place. The cold season accelerates battery draining, so if you haven’t changed the battery recently, replace them with a new one by the start of the winter season to face less difficulty. Explore more options for automatic door installation at Easy Fix Nashville.

Ensure Your Garage is Free from Moisture

Make sure you don’t bring water inside your garage while parking your car. Check around your garage door the signs of any water puddle or sludge. If there’s any, wipe it out at your earliest. Moisture leads to corrosion of metal garage doors.

Plan an Appointment with Easy Fix Nashville Experts

Is it hard for you to check and inspect your garage door? We’ve got you covered! Plan an inspection with Easy Fix Nashville right away.

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