Looking to up your house’s value while also adding a unique design element? Changing your garage door can take your house from looking blah to beautiful.

So, for example, if you live in a house with a modern vibe, don’t just get vintage, rustic garage doors just because they were half off at a sale. Try incorporating elements of your own design and the style of your house with designs from Easy Fix. Choose from a wide variety of designs from our portfolio or get a custom garage door installation in Nashville by calling us at (615) 560 – 8948.

Design elements to keep in mind

The front of your house is what everyone sees first. It can either stop your neighbors in their tracks to stare in awe or be entirely ignored. Garage spaces are no longer just areas for additional storage, they are key elements that add to the overall look of your house.

If your garage door needs to be remodeled, upgraded, or replaced, here are some gorgeous design ideas that can make the selection process easier:

Color Boost:

black garage door replaced with white

We replaced this broken door with a cream-colored automated door that matched this small home’s design aesthetics. The light color allowed for light to pass through, making a previously dark garage seem well lit.

The minimalist design of this garage door allows homeowners to maintain the sleek design of their home and add their choice of color elements.

Let there be light:

These craftsman-style doors were just what this chic home needed. The elegant door moldings gave it a nice texture, and the glass panels at the top allow for greater illumination in a previously dark garage.

The light fixtures on either side provide the perfect soft glow when the sun goes down, and the white color reflects light all day to highlight the garage area. We also added insulation to these garage doors to allow the garage to retain its warmth even in colder months.

Rustic no more:

rustic garage door upgrade to a modern garage door

This is a perfect example of how modern elements met a rustic designed garage to give it a 21st-century upgrade. The previous garage door made the place feel stuffy, so Easy Fix replaced it with a cream-colored industrial style garage door with silver accent aluminum frames.

Looking for a customized garage door for your home? Easy Fix has the solution for you.

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