Almost everyone has garages in Nashville, and almost everyone runs into a garage door issue from time to time. Knowing what’s wrong with your garage door and getting it fixed professionally saves you unnecessary repair and replacement costs in the future.

The Gate Doesn’t Stop

Or at least, it doesn’t stop where it is meant to.

When the limit switch adjustment nut doesn’t hit the switch at the right time, your doors stops short. If it’s a slide gate, you may even spot the issue: the lever holding the limit nut back. The solution is to put it back in its place. But that won’t always do the trick. Luckily for you, expert garage door repairmen are available in Nashville for your help.

A Metal Track Issue

We wish the metal track in question was War Pigs by Black Sabbath. However, the metal tracks we’re concerned with are those on which the gate either rolls or slides. At times, these metal tracks can get clogged, which leads to the gate being jammed.

On the other hand, it could also be due to a misalignment issue with the tracks. Make sure that the tracks are always clean to avoid this issue. Regardless, if the problem still persists, call a professional.

Opener Issues

One of the commonest garage door issues faced by gated communities, opener issues are also easily solved. In most cases, it’s usually a change of batteries that solves things. You might need a professional repairman for the job if you can’t do it.

Winter and Cold Weather


Here shall he see no enemy—but winter and rough weather: two things garage doors don’t like very much. Low temperatures usually coincide with garage door issues—no wonder Easy Fix gets so many calls during the winter.

Grease works when it’s not cold enough, but you might need professional help if the metal components have started to contract. Moreover, applying grease can further exacerbate the situation since it tends to thicken quickly in low temperatures. You can get grease that is specifically made for low temperatures for this purpose.

Another problem that the cold brings with it is the freezing batteries. If the metal that’s inside those batteries turns cold, a reduction chemical reaction is bound to take place. As a result, the battery either doesn’t start—or starts with fits and starts.

If the problem is persistent and/or severe, contact a professional repairman.

Residential Garage Door Installation and Repairs

If you’re in Nashville and have been facing issues with your automatic garage door, we can help you fix it. We do gate repair, garage door spring repairs, and more. Just get in touch with us to discuss your issue, and we’ll get an expert down to help you out.

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