Garage doors consist of multiple panels hinged together, and even if a single panel is damaged, it can be easily replaced.

This is much cheaper than getting an entire door replacement, so if you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider replacing a few of the panels rather than the whole door.

But before you start on this DIY project, make sure you understand what you are getting into.

When should you replace a garage door panel?

You should start considering panel replacement options if you can see visible structural damage on your garage doors. This may happen after a brutal storm or hurricane, or maybe if you accidentally drove your car into the garage door.

Other moving objects like riding lawn mowers or bicycles may also damage panels. However, if there are only a few scratches on the panel surface, a simple coat of paint may solve your problem.

If you believe the damage to your garage door panels is minimal, it may be sufficient to replace just one panel that is rusted, peeling, or dented. But if you have to replace more than one section, it may be cheaper to just replace the entire door.

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How to replace your Garage Door Panels:

The following steps will help simplify the process for you:

First, you need to identify which company your garage door is from and buy a panel replacement from them. Using the correct model name and number is important to find the best panel for your garage door.

Next, you will have to think about safety measures. Bring the door down and unplug the electric garage door opener to prevent anyone from turning it on.

Next, you will begin the replacement process. Ensure there is ample room in the garage door system by removing the top panel or separating it from the other panels. You will have to remove the hinge brackets from the guide track and then the broken panels’ hinges to take them out of the door.

white garage door

Once you’ve taken the old panel out, slide the new panel into the space and refasten first the hinge brackets and then the hinges on either side. Reattach the top panel you took out and move the finished door into an open position.

Finish off by painting the new panel in a coat of paint to match the rest of your new garage door.

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