If you want a gate system for your commercial facility that incorporates security, convenience, and safety, there’s no better option than access-controlled gates. Especially in the context of warehouses, these gates can help you safeguard inventory and reduce costs by promising theft prevention.

Here are some more benefits of investing in an access-controlled gate:

Heightened sense of security

With an access-controlled gate, no one can enter the premises if they’re not authorized to do so.

Your warehouse is probably used to store some of your most expensive inventory. As a business, future profits depend on this inventory, and theft could result in unprecedented losses. Access-controlled gates nip the problem in the bud; there’s no need to install additional security cameras or hire security personnel, since no one can get access in the first place.

For additional security, you can even get a maglock added to the gate. This strong electromagnet makes for a robust security system that even the most well-equipped of intruders will have trouble dealing with.

Minimize hassle

With access-controlled gates, there’s little physical effort involved on your part with regard to operating the gate. All access-controlled gates have a security code system on both or one side.

Visitors, employees, and other warehouse workers can simply enter the code, and the gate will open.

Moreover, many access-controlled gates come with a remote operation feature, allowing you to open them from around twenty meters away. You can even ask your gate installation service to get you multiple remote controls based on how many people will require access.

Boost property value

An additional security element makes your commercial property more attractive to potential buyers. According to news sources, Nashville is one of the most dangerous cities in Tennessee. The crime rate is 1,138 for every 100,000 residents. In times like these, potential tenants and buyers love property features that ensure security and safety.

This means that you can use access-controlled gates to charge a premium when selling your facility.


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