You’re excited to shift to your new home. Everything’s easy to organize except one thing—the garage!

A house garage is a small covered portion attached to a home for car parking. Homeowners can also keep various tools and equipment in it that occupy unnecessary space inside their home.

If you need some tips to organize and clean your garage, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our useful tips on garage organization.

Sorting the Stuff

To initiate organizing and cleaning, the first question to answer is ‘where do I start?’

Start by taking everything out to the driveway to sort out the junk from functional stuff. Sorting makes your work more manageable.

Mark three boxes: “keep,” “discard,” or “give away.” You should keep the items you need and discard the rest. If there are some items that still work but you don’t use, donate them.

Dusting and Deep Cleaning

After sorting your stuff, the next step is to deep clean the garage space.

Start by dusting the spider webs on roofs and cleaning the walls. Your garage ceilings and walls hide germs. Sometimes mold also grows on the garage walls, so it’s better to dust off the walls with a disinfectant solution or bleach.

Then comes the garage floor. Homeowners should use a sponge mop for the floor’s mopping with dish wash liquid as it works best for motor oil and grease stains. Spare two to three hours for the whole space to dry, or use a floor fan for immediate drying.

Shelves and Cabinets for Storage

You can’t keep your garage items open-air that’s why shelves, cabinets, and hooks are for best for their storage. For instance, the less frequently used items should be kept in cabinets. The often-used items are stored on shelves because they’re easy to access. Finally, if there’re some hefty tools or equipment such as shovels or garden hoses, buy hard bins for them.

You should hang other light items such as a hand drill or small pipes on the hooks. If your garage doesn’t have any storage havens, get them installed. Make different spacing for bicycles and other vehicles as well.

Secure the Garage Door and Window

Remember to put in a secure lock on your garage door to avoid break-ins. You could use a deadbolt to lock your garage door and windows.

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