There are two main ways to open a garage door. You either have to step out of your car and open it manually or control it via a remote control.
And we can all agree that it’s way easier and more efficient to do the latter, as you don’t even have to step out of your car. That’s a major win for electric garage doors.
But while most homeowners opt for them, many don’t know the first thing about maintaining them to ensure a long lifespan.
This blog will walk you through five ways to keep your garage door working efficiently for longer.

Know How Your Garage Door Works

One of the best ways to ensure that your garage door lasts for longer is to deepen your understanding of its inner workings.
This will help you recognize the signs when things start going wrong. It will also help you gain insight into what needs to be fixed when something goes wrong.
Start by trying to understand its opening mechanism by reading the manufacturer’s manual thoroughly and familiarize yourself with all its parts.

Conduct Regular Performance Checks

It’s important to pay attention to any changes you observe from time and time and learn to evaluate how serious they are. Even seemingly minor occurrences like screeching noises may mean that an important internal component needs to be tended to ASAP.
Other things to check for include if the door is opening evenly from both sides and if the door is opening at a constant and even pace.
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Ensure Proper Maintenance Of Hardware

Normally, garage door hardware includes hinges, tracks-wipe, motor, rollers, and springs among others. All of these need to be maintained carefully to handle the door’s heavy weight. Since garage doors are heavy, these items need to be in perfect working condition to increase its overall lifespan.

Conduct Balance And Safety Checks

Regular garage door balance and safety checks are essential, because wear and tear can throw it off balance—leading to premature faults and malfunctioning.
Make sure you regularly wipe the sensors to help get rid of any dust that may have been collecting. Another thing to check for is the automatic reverse opening mechanism.
If you see that your safety sensors aren’t responding the way they should, contact a professional to repair them at once.

Hire A Garage Door Professional

Taking care of your garage door and ensuring that it lasts you a long time doesn’t have to be a tedious and difficult task.
If you’re short on time or are finding maintenance hard to keep up with, get in touch with our team for garage door installation, garage door repairs, and garage door maintenance in Nashville.
Our services include gate repair, access control of gates, and welding, and more.

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