Can you count the things that are essential for your daily routine, and yet you neglect them? Your garage doors are one.

You need your garage doors to be in running condition at all times. The slightest damage can pose a security risk to your house because garages provide an excellent entry point for burglars. They can also cause unnecessary delays when you’re parking your car.

Torsion springs are designed to enable rollover garage doors to raise and lower quickly. They expand and contract with every use. Frequent use and time may affect the flexibility of the springs — without periodic maintenance and proper care, your torsion springs are left to the mercy of time and the elements.

If your noisy garage doors become a growing concern in the neighborhood, the torsion springs may be damaged. Here are some signs you need to look out for.

How To Check For Damages

Lift the garage door manually to your waist level to look at its inner mechanisms. If the door stays in position, the torsion springs are working fine. If your door starts to slide downward, the springs need replacement.

A good time to check in on the torsion springs is after about seven to nine years since you replaced them last. You may increase their lifespan with regular professional service.

1.      It Looks Crooked

A fully functional garage door should maintain its appearance. It should fit into position when closed and be perfectly parallel to the ground when halfway up.

However, damage to the torsion spring can affect the position of the garage door. It may look crooked, tilted, or derailed from the track. This is the first sign you should look for when checking for torsion springs.

before and after garage door maintenance

2.      Door Doesn’t Open

This is a fairly obvious sign of damage. You may have to access the gate several times a day. Failure to open can cause major disruption in your routine and jeopardize the safety of your car.

Call professional garage door repair services to check the torsion springs.

3.      Cables Are Loose

Automatic garage doors are a useful modern innovation that has helped countless homeowners in Nashville. Automatic garage doors use electrical wiring that, if damaged, come loose and disrupt the power supply to the door. The resulting power fluctuations can leave lasting damage on the torsion springs.

4.      Closes Abruptly With A Bang

Scroll up to the first torsion spring test that we mentioned above. If your garage door doesn’t hold its position when it’s open, the torsion springs are to blame.

They may have corroded overtime or lost their flexibility, which has weakened the structure. Loose torsion springs can be a major safety hazard. You don’t want the door to crash on valuable property or person. Get it repaired ASAP.


We offer garage door maintenance in Franklin, TN and other areas of Tennessee. You shouldn’t put your torsion springs under more stress if they’re already rusted or damaged. Don’t postpone repairs until the doors become dysfunctional.

We have seasoned mechanics on the team who can perform on-site inspections and repairs. Call us at +1 6155608948 today.

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