The gate is the first layer of security for most buildings. As a result, it needs to be able to deter potential trespassers from entering and provide the building’s occupants with a reasonable degree of protection.

Traditionally, gates that were secured with lock and key provided adequate safety. But today, however, the tools and information needed to bypass such locks are easily available—which is why access-controlled gates are becoming increasingly popular.

Here are four reasons why an access-controlled gate can improve the security of your building and increase efficiency at the same time.

1. Prevent Unauthorized Personnel

The foremost reason to install access-controlled gates is this: they keep unauthorized people from entering your office building.

On the flip side, they ensure that authorized people can enter as needed and aren’t locked outside. Say, for example, an employee shows up to work early, and the gatekeeper isn’t present. In this scenario, if the employee has the proper security clearance, they can enter the building without hassle.

2. Less Expensive

This may come as a surprise, but NFC chips or RFID key cards are cheaper compared to traditional keys. NFC cards can also be reprogrammed to give people access. They can even be disabled if needed. If an employee loses a key card, it can just be removed from the system and discontinued.

On the other hand, if a key is lost, there isn’t much you can do except change all the locks. Not only is continuous rekeying more expensive, but it’s also time-consuming to issue new keys to all the employees.

3. Customize Access

With access-control systems in place, building managers are able to customize access for different individuals. Key cards can be programmed to limit entry not just in certain locations, but also at certain times.

For example, employees might not be allowed to enter the building after hours—this can curb employee theft. These benefits are not possible with traditional keys.

4. Better Tracking

With an access-controlled gate, you can determine exactly who entered the premises and at what time. They can be integrated with attendance systems to ensure punctuality and improve security at the same time.

access control for gates

If you’re looking to upgrade your building’s security, Easy Fix Nashville offers access-controlled gates in Nashville, TN.

We excel in the repair and installation of a wide variety of access control systems that include a keypad, fingerprints, cards, tags, wristband, and an NFC chip. Our skilled technicians can repair your existing access control system or design a new one to suit your particular needs.

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