If you use your garage as a makeshift storeroom and keep all your tools in it, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans store their potentially dangerous tools and appliances in their garage.

While it’s mostly a safe space for your instruments, you may find yourself in a difficult situation if your little one finds their way in there. Hence, childproofing your garage door is crucial to ensure your children’s safety.

Here are some ways modern technology can help you improve your garage door’s child safety:


A garage door auto-reverse works by keeping the door from locking if something or someone is stuck in between. Professional garage door contractors install sensors at the critical points on your garage to help them detect your little one. Ideal places for sensor installation include low points on your garage door, making it easier to sense crawling children.

Photo-eye sensors

While most modern garage doors come with in-built photo-eye sensors, many older models aren’t equipped with this fantastic technology. If your kid is quite active and you worry that they may find their way to the garage, consider investing in photo-eye sensors. These high-tech tools can detect any activity below the garage door and stop or reverse it.

Even the slightest movement can’t go unnoticed through these smart sensors, and once you’ve installed them, you can rest assured that your kid will remain safe around your garage door.

modern garage door

Smart door openers

If you push open or close your garage door, your little one may find it fascinating and resolve to have a little fun with the swinging door when you’re not around.

A smart door opener allows you to monitor and operate your garage door remotely. This means you can close and open your door with a little tap on your mobile phone.

Another fantastic feature of smart door openers is that they can alert you when your kid fiddles with the garage door, enhancing its security.

Rubber sealants for door panels

If your garage door is made of metallic panels, your child may lodge their fingers in the outfit, harming themselves. Get help from professionals and seal the panel gaps with rubber. Custom-made sealants can ensure proper coverage of all holes, leading to enhanced garage door childproofing.

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