Garage doors—the protectors of your vehicles and storage items. They keep curious animals away and reduce the risk of robberies. But what do you do when your garage door makes squeaky sounds and grunts every time the wind blows in the middle of the night?

Garage doors may be a blessing, but they’re nothing short of a nuisance when they aren’t working properly.

Let’s take a look at a few common garage door problems and how they can be fixed, so you never have to lose a night’s sleep over the fear of your garage door falling off the rails.

Problem #1: You can’t open the door with a remote control or a switch

Is your garage door simply not budging, no matter how many times you hit the switch or the remote? It’s likely because of three reasons:

The motor unit is unplugged

You should check whether the outlet’s, which connects the switch to the power source, is still intact.

A burnt fuse

If a fuse controls your switch, it could’ve been tripped or burned. To check for this, notice other electrical devices in your garage. If they aren’t working, you likely have a faulty fuse.

A broken motor

If the first two reasons don’t hold true, you may have a broken motor that has rendered your garage door non-functional.

Problem #2: Your garage door won’t close completely

If your garage door opens smoothly but stops working right before it’s supposed to close completely, it may be because of one of three reasons:

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The close-limit switch is set improperly

Garage doors have set-limit switches that tell the motor when to start or stop—allowing garage doors to open and close properly. If this switch isn’t set correctly, it may be preventing your door from closing properly.

The safety sensor is off

The garage door tracks have electronic sensors that require an unobstructed view to let the garage door open and close properly. If your safety sensors are misaligned or obstructed, your door won’t go down all the way.

Damaged rollers

If you have rusted or damaged rollers that need lubrication, your garage door will be unable to close down all the way.

Problem #3: Your garage door opens and closes loudly

Does your garage door open and close with a loud thud? While that may not interfere with its functionality, it can be indicative of a few other problems. This could be because of:

A faulty extension spring system

If you have a garage door with an extension spring system, it could be broken, which is likely causing the loud noise. This may affect the sturdy structure of the door.

Broken lifting cables

In addition to that, you may have faulty lifting cables that have either broken or are about to break.


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